• Persıstance & Relıabılıty
  • Beıng Customer-Orıented
  • Embracing Work, Employees' Contribution
  • Speed and Timeliness
  • Team-Work
  • Perpmanent Improvement
  • Creatıve and Innovatıve Thinking

Our quality cocept is based on satisfaction of internal and outside customers. We continiously keep in contact with our customers and gather feedbacks on their percetion about our company, and thus we define and apply permanent improvement projects accordingly.

We devotedly endeavour to meet existing and potential expections of our customers with our analytic-thinking, open-minded and self-improving team which is intergrated around our mission, vision and basic principles.

Potential risk analysis, process control data on existing products and our lessons learned from previous experiences are shedding light on the phase of new project start-ups.

With the perception of "Quality products comes out of quality production", the products are controlled all along the production processes in respect of conformity to our criteria which are defined at commissioning phase and developped with our experiences. Our approach to the failures is to immediately annihilate the impact of the failure in parallel with searching for the root cause in order to take measures to prevent the re-occurence of the failure. We use problem solving techniques for these studies.

We are taking our strenght from our belief that we could implement our strategy and reach our targets with the participation of our member-staff whom we support in every step of their career through making contribution to their personal and career improvement.

Our Quality Policy :

- Increase of our shareholder’s satisfaction.

- Ensure reliable, durable products with flexible and dynamic structure and on time.

- Make no concession to the products and service we present.

- Be keep on track of our competitive strength by continuous improvement.

- Increase the efficiency by training the employees, generate team spirit by providing their participation.

- Make production by respect to human health and enviorenment.

- Improve continuously to the quality management system.

- Obey the conditions of customer and quality management system and provisions.

We, as the management and employees of GEVAX commit to fulfilment of our quality policy.

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