The main principles leading all our doings in Gürsoylar A.S. are honesty and value adding. It's the priveledge of Gursoylar A.S. team members to be able to work in a professional ambience accompanied with the self-confidence which is supported by the honesty.

Having defined "human resource" as the most critical and indispensable element of its development, Gürsoylar A.S. supports the self-improvement and career building opportunities, and levels the playing field for all its members in a professional working ambience.

The essentials of our human resources policy include

  • employing highly educated, open and innovative minded, creative, dynamic, self-improving and costumer-oriented individuals,
  • providing a fair proposal platform for contribution of all members who embrace the company targets as his/her own,
  • assuming each team-member as an internal customer and therefore giving the professional and social support via appropriate trainings and social activities,
  • creating a permanent family-like work environment with a high level of solidarity within the company.

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