Gürsoylar A.S. was founded in 1965 as a manufacturer's atelier making textile machinery parts, and expanded its range with carperters machinery through the years following its estanblishment. During 80s the company started contract manufacturing for the rapidly growing automotive industry and fulfilled successful production projects concerning brake system equipments where high precision has a paramount importance.

Increasingly globalized throught mid-90s, Gürsoylar A.S. has become a more export oriented company by virtue of its purposeful actions and efforts aiming at best quality in its products and services.

Along with 2000s, the company has focused its manufacturing and measuring equipment investments to increase its capability on precision metal machining, and initiated the production of high precision steel components especially for hydraulic and pneumatic sectors.

Gürsoylar A.S. has involved in flow control systems with its registered brand GEVAX since 2004 and started production of solenoid valves mainly for general industrial applications for various sectors, with the intention to provide the 'quality' required by the sector users.

In parallel with the vision stated for the new millenium, the company has concentrated its short and mid-term plans & investments on further improvement of its competency at manufacturing, measuring and control of high precision metal components, and it is decidedly moving forward on this way with its highly qualified 200 staff members.
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